ALL CROPS: Gael García Bernal -- screen grab from exclusive clip


Pablo Neruda became an enemy of his home country Chile in the 1940s for his communist ideals. The upcoming biopic Neruda tracks the Nobel Prize-winning poet as he and his wife Delia del Carril evaded persecution.

Director Pablo Larraín’s film isn’t as simple as a cat-and-mouse game, as star Gael García Bernal reveals. There’s a psychological twist to it.

“In a way, Neruda — in a time he’s getting out of Chile because they were persecuting communists — created this figure of his persecutor and created it in a poetic way,” Bernal, who plays wide-eyed Inspector Óscar Peluchonneau, tells EW. “So there’s a scene when my character realizes or confronts the situation, the reality of, ‘You might just be a creation of the author.’ That is a moment where everything starts to come to life, in a way.”

Bernal acknowledges that, on the surface, a film about the life of a poet might be a hard sell for audiences. He insists the story and twist will give the indie legs. “I’m very proud of the movie. I’m sure that this film’s going to have a very interesting life,” he says. “There’s a piece of our guts inside the movie. We left ourselves out there, and I’m very proud to be doing that in films because there’s so few films in life, we might as well go for it.”

See the clip above. Neruda is in theaters now.