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Netflix has given the green light to a second season of Haters Back Off!, so haters, back off.

The series follows the personal life of overconfident YouTube singing sensation Miranda Sings and her kooky family, which — SPOILER ALERT! — more or less crumbled in the final moments of the first season.

The show stars Colleen Ballinger as Miranda, Angela Kinsey as her mother Bethany, Steve Little as uncle Jim, Erik Stocklin as neglected friend Patrick, and Francesca Reale as Miranda’s relatively normal sister Emily.

The eight-episode second season will premiere on Netflix in 2017.


“I sure hope we get a season 2, because if we don’t, it seems like Miranda’s life is just over,” Ballinger said, laughing. “I already have a lot of plans for Miranda moving forward. The season ends with Miranda getting her first viral video, so there’s so much story to tell after that. A lot of the stories in the show, we pulled from things that actually happened to me in my career, and that’s how we plan on continuing…But Miranda has a lot of mending relationships to do. She put herself in a corner that she’s got to get out of.”

Haters Back Off

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