By Madeline Raynor
Updated December 15, 2016 at 10:13 PM EST
ALL CROPS: Hanson - snowed in

It’s not even Dec. 25, but we already know what we want for Christmas next year: Hanson‘s new Christmas album.

Zac Hanson took to the band’s Twitter Thursday to reveal the title of the previously announced album: Ooh Christmas. He told fans that the band “just finished” recording and that “Winter Wonderland” will be among the tracks.

The boy band released a veritable bounty of video goodies in tandem with the announcement, including footage of the recording session. Don’t miss the genesis for the album title: Taylor Hanson sings a groovy version of “Blue Christmas” and really puts the “Ooh” in “Blue.”

Their production partner Mark Hudson objects, saying “You know that’s supposed to be a ‘blue’ and not an ‘ooh.’ You can ‘ooh’ if you want to, but it’s the title of the song.” “I think ‘ooh’ Christmas might really take off. Welcome to an ‘ooh’ Christmas,” replies Taylor. “I”m recutting a song called ‘OOHBop.’ It’s coming out next week,” jokes Hudson, before saying, “I think it should be the title.”

Hanson released two more videos featuring never-before-seen vintage footage from the recording of their first Christmas album, 1997’s Snowed In. There’s no release date for the album yet.

See the tweets and videos below: