One of those secrets involves a Scientology-like organization
ALL CROPS: The Arrangement screengrab
Credit: E!

If you were looking for that new guilty pleasure series for 2017, E! is about to deliver. The network’s second scripted outing, The Arrangement, arrives in March, but we’ve got your first look at the new trailer here.

The 10-episode drama follows a young starlet named Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista, Chicago Fire) who auditions for a role in a blockbuster opposite a major star, Kyle West (Josh Henderson, Dallas). The audition soon becomes a date, which soon turns into something else entirely.

“Kyle West is offering you a contract marriage,” Leslie Bellcamp (Autumn Reeser, The O.C.) tells Megan. “This is not unprecedented in the world of the A-listers.”

“You want me to play the girl on your arm so you can do what? What’s your big secret?” Megan asks as a moody track by Foreign Air plays in the background.

Of course, we know each of them has a past and that Kyle is part of a Scientology-like organization called The Institute of the Higher Mind led by his creepy mentor, Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan, Alias). If this is starting to sound a little familiar, yeah, we’re sure this is gonna get juicy fast.

The Arrangement premieres on E! in March. Watch the new trailer below.

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