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ALL CROPS: The 100 trailer

“You don’t ease pain — you overcome it.”

In the season 3 finale of The 100, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) made a bold move when she flipped a lever to stop the season’s Big Bad. Not only was she choosing to kill Alie, the A.I. taking over the world, but she was also choosing to maybe let all of humanity die along with “her” as well.

And it seems that everything Alie warned Clarke about — power plants melting, black rain, pre-cancerous lesions, uninhabitable lands, death as far as the eye can see — has come to pass.

In the season 4 trailer, which was finally released Wednesday, Good Bellamy is back! Clarke is giving speeches! Monte is angry! Murphy is shirtless! And Jasper quite possibly still has a drinking problem. (No exclamation mark on that one.)

After you watch the full video above, read on for everything we thought while watching this first look of the season.

  • Why is Octavia fighting a female warrior from Ice Nation? Why is Octavia fighting everyone and seemingly leading a tribe of Grounders?
  • Did they find another piece of the Ark?
  • Why is Clarke going up against Roan and an army of Grounders alone?
  • Luna’s back … and she isn’t doing so hot.
  • Seriously, though, why is Monte so angry at Clarke? He got the girl — Harper, who is still alive. That’s more than Jasper can say.
  • Jaha’s bald!
  • Miller’s dad is telling Kane not to kill their own people. Is Kane the new Pike?
  • “They’re calling her a Sky Ripper, death from above.” —Roan, telling Indra about Octavia

    “I’m so proud.” —Indra, world’s best mentor

  • Looks like Echo is back and making trouble; she’s offering to help Roan rule “everything.”
  • Oh, hey there, Niylah (a.k.a. Richard Harmon’s sister).
  • Abby and Kane. Finally.
  • Who is that woman with the commander chip? And what is she doing with the commander chip?

And just when you thought the trailer was over, we get one last horrifying look at Clarke, who’s covered in lesions and losing her eyesight. WHAT IS WRONG WITH CLARKE!? Yeah, it’s probably just a dream, but we’re still not going to stop thinking about it until February.

Let us know your thoughts on the trailer — and anything we missed — in the comments.

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The 100 season 4 premieres Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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