ALL CROPS: SHUT EYE season 1, Episode 1 - "Death" - Dec. 7, 2016 KaDee Strickland and Jeffrey Donovan
Credit: David Bukach/Hulu

The entire first season of Shut Eye is available now — and you can watch the series premiere below.

Hulu dramedy follows Charlie Haverford (Fargo‘s Jeffrey Donovan), a former magician who manages several fortune-telling parlors run by a criminal organization in Los Angeles. However, one day he hits his head during an encounter with a mark’s angry boyfriend, which causes him to start experiencing real visions. Meanwhile, his wife Linda (KaDee Strickland) is scheming to help her family leave the criminal Romani empire, which is headed by Fonzo (Angus Sampson).

Created by Leslie Bohem, the darkly comedic series also stars Isabella Rossellini as the matron of the Romani crime family, Emmanuelle Chriqui as a sketchy hypnotist, and David Zayas as a businessman who seeks out Charlie’s help.

Watch the entire first episode below.

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