Adrian Lyne’s classic thriller Fatal Attraction garnered six Academy Award nominations and a time-tested spot among an entire generation’s pop cultural canon. Production on the film, however, afforded its stars a handful of memories — particularly in relation to one of the film’s steamiest moments.

Speaking to on an episode of EW Reunites on PEN, the PEOPLE/Entertainment Weekly Network, Glenn Close and Michael Douglas reveal the quirks that went into a key sex scene in the movie, which sees the pair getting down atop various kitchen surfaces before moving into the bedroom.

“Sex in movies is always a delicate line. Glenn was raring to go,” Douglas, whose family man character, Dan, has an affair with Close’s publishing company editor, Alex, reveals. “We got up there on the kitchen table, and she came up with this great idea with the sink, with the water running and making herself wet, which is always good.”

He wasn’t about to let his costar outdo him on the improvisational front, however.

“The only thing I threw in, I remember, was this moment where we were going at it, [and since] I like comic relief, I think you need a second [of it], and there’s a second where I had my pants down [while] carrying Glenn, then tripping, and then having to make this run for the bed,” he continues. “It kind of let the audience relax for a second.”

Close, a six-time Oscar nominee, says she admires the scene for its playful authenticity. “I like it because it’s not terribly romantic,” she adds. “It’s very real and kind of desperate and funny.”

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