By Danielle Jackson
Updated December 14, 2016 at 08:40 PM EST
Credit: Rick Kern/WireImage

We can now add John Legend to the list of people taking issue with Kanye West’s meeting with president-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday morning.

After being asked about the meetup during an interview with Clique, Legend referred to the meeting as a “publicity stunt.”

“I don’t think it’s impossible to talk to him about issues, but I won’t be used as a publicity stunt and I think Kanye was a publicity stunt,” he said.

Legend also added that he’s “disappointed” in Kanye for supporting Trump’s message.

“I’m pretty disappointed with Kanye, that he says he would have voted for Trump,” he said. “I think Trump has been corrosive. His message has been corrosive to the country, and I think the things he’s promised to do have been very concerning for a lot of people. And for Kanye to support that message is very disappointing.”

Watch the full interview below.