By Christian Holub
Updated December 14, 2016 at 01:43 PM EST
Credit: CBS

Jennifer Lawrence and her mother are close.

Not only is Karen Lawrence in L.A. for the premiere of Passengers, but she also got a shoutout from her daughter on Tuesday’s The Late Late Show, when Lawrence shared a special photo of the duo. But although the picture looks cute, with Lawrence and her mother seemingly relaxing in the backyard, Lawrence revealed that it actually conceals a secret element.

“I’m actually peeing in that photo, and she has no idea,” Lawrence said. “I went to pee, and my friend got the phone because she knew I was peeing, and then we both decided to leave my mom out of it.”

All secrets are out now, and Lawrence didn’t seem too perturbed. Corden even complimented her on her “very relaxed peeing face.”

“Yeah, I know how to do it, I’ve done it a lot,” she said, shrugging.

Watch the clip below, and then see all her funny moments with Chris Pratt during their Passengers promo tour.

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