By Derek Lawrence
December 14, 2016 at 04:10 PM EST

Instagram has a special Christmas present for its users. They will now be able to save any enjoyable or memorable posts they come across.

Debuting on Wednesday is the social media platform’s latest feature, which allows photos to be saved in a private tab on their profile. So whether it’s the cast of your favorite show reuniting for a group selfie or a delicious looking recipe, images will be available to bookmark.

Any photos on public pages will be available to save, while on private profiles, only followers will be able to save any of those posts.

The new feature has been added underneath an image, located to the far right of the like, comment, and share options. Any saved photos will then be sent to the private tab on your profile that can only ben seen by you.

No word on if the new function is enough to bring Justin Bieber back.