All Crops: Glenn Close Michael Douglas Screengrab

Apart from its six Academy Award nominations and cementing itself as an ‘80s icon, Adrian Lyne’s Fatal Attraction also has “that” scene — better known as “the bunny” scene.

Stars Glenn Close and Michael Douglas recalled the terrifying scene on an episode of EW Reunites on PEN, the PEOPLE/Entertainment Weekly Network, with Close describing her journey into understanding her character’s action.

“The bunny was the one thing I had a question about. It seemed over the top,” she said. “People die all the time in movies, but when you kill an animal, which I seem to be famous for, that’s a whole different thing.” In the proposed scene, a pot is on the stove of the Gallaghers’ home, which Beth (Anne Archer) reluctantly uncovers, revealing her daughter’s boiled bunny.

The decision to show the extent of Close’s character’s rage was a hard pill to swallow for the actress. “That’s when I took it to a psychiatrist and said, ‘Is this behavior possible? Could somebody do something like that?’ And the answer was, ‘Yes, people can do something like that,’” she said. “Then the character became very interesting to me. What creates that kind of behavior?”

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