In the new issue of EW, she dishes on her hit cookbook while showing us how to make fish tacos and street corn
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The title of Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat, might seem like a no-brainer: Why wouldn’t you want to feast on everything inside the book you just purchased?

But with entries that range from her mom’s Thai recipes to pasta dishes inspired by trips to Italy to totally out-there creations (seriously, wait till you read about her Dump and Done Ramen Salad), Teigen’s book hasn’t just worked up appetites. It’s also inspired plenty of non-cooks to break out the aprons, fire up the stove, and figure out first-hand what the heck “salt to taste” means.

I know this because for the past few months, I’ve been cooking my way through Teigen’s cookbook, pretty much Julie & Julia-style. And by the time I was buying a mortar and pestle set and tweeting with people I’d never met about what recipes to cook next, I knew Teigen’s book was different from any other cookbook I own. (As in, I actually use it. A lot.) So for the new issue of EW, on stands Friday, I got in the kitchen with Teigen to find out what it is about her book that inspires such devotion—and how to unlock your inner chef.

“When I had the little WordPress blog [So Delushious], that’s when I really had fun with it,” Teigen says of learning to love cooking. “It was all over the place. I’d talk about an event I went to and how weird I felt, and then all of a sudden it would break into a guacamole recipe. And then social media got bigger, and it [became] a social experiment to see what people would respond to. I would post an osso buco that took six hours to make, and it’d get maybe 60,000 likes. I would post a Cobb salad that was plated well but maybe took 30 minutes, and it would get 600,000 likes. You see what really resonates with people and what recipes they love. I still look at every recipe I’m tagged in.”

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