ALL CROPS: TV: Donald Trump on Colbert screengrab
Credit: CBS

Stephen Colbert hasn’t had a face-to-face interview with Donald Trump since September 2015 (a chat Colbert admits he regrets), but that hasn’t stopped the Late Show host from conducting fake conversations with the president-elect.

On Monday’s episode of the CBS show, Colbert cut himself together with footage from Trump’s Sunday interview on Fox News to “ask” the former reality show host about the CIA report of Russian interference in the presidential election.

“Do you think Rocky beat Ivan Drago in Rocky IV?” Colbert asked. To which Trump did not reply, “If you look at the story and take a look at what they said, there’s great confusion.” Colbert noted how there was not great confusion, as Rocky beat Drago for the title. “They’re not sure, they’re fighting among themselves,” Trump did not say in response.

Colbert then asked if Trump’s favorite salad dressing was Russian. Trump didn’t reply, “Yes.”

Watch the bit below.

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