By Christian Holub
December 13, 2016 at 01:27 PM EST
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Bryan Cranston has now been on The Tonight Show so many times that host Jimmy Fallon has a game designed specifically for him: Cranst-In or Cranst-Out, in which the actor judges a series of topics Fallon throws at him. The game has had unnecessary modifications in the past, but on Monday night, Fallon presented a streamlined, holiday-specific version. 

First up was caroling. Cranston was in on that, but opted out of eggnog. When Fallon questioned his choice on that one, Cranston turned to the audience for support: “How many people hate eggnog?” He got an uproarious response, but when he asked a follow-up question gauge how many people appreciate the thick drink, he was surprised to see support for that too, including from The Roots.

Fallon asked a few more questions (Cranst-in on matching holiday pajamas, Cranst-out on artificial Christmas trees) before bringing it back to the news: “Getting nominated for a Golden Globe award?” Fresh off his nomination for All the Way, Cranston was all-in on that one. 

Watch the clip below.

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