"I think it would be good for Jess to be like Luke," he said
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Fans of Team Jess breathed a tentative sigh of relief last month when Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed that Rory’s ex-boyfriend Logan was parallel to her father, Christopher. For many viewers who were left frustrated by the new Netflix revival’s cliffhanger ending, this had to mean one thing: If Logan is Christopher, then Jess must be Luke. And if Luke and Lorelai wound up together…

“Oh God, I don’t know. I think it would be good for Jess to be like Luke because Luke is a good guy,” Milo Ventimiglia, who portrays Jess in the show, told EW at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday. “He’s a little stubborn with the diner, with the way that he likes things, but who he is as a man is a very good man, and Scott Patterson [who plays Luke], same thing. That was the most fun to be back on set with him.”

Jess, who was the resident bad boy on the show’s original run, revealed a newfound maturity in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, something Ventimiglia said let Jess “just be the decent guy that he was.” And as for those four final words?

“I was at dinner with Dan [Palladino] and Amy and they told me and I just was like, ‘OK, great! Should we order the main course?’ They didn’t swear me to secrecy or anything like that.”

For his part in the theory, Patterson told EW earlier this month that he certainly believes in the link between Luke and his nephew Jess’s relationship with the Gilmore girls.

“Let’s think of it in terms of who is Amy going to set up to fight for Rory’s affection,” he said. “Will it be she’s carrying Logan’s child and Jess is going to fight for her because Logan’s going to be schmucky, or is Logan, the rich guy, going to fight for her and Jess is going to be schmucky? I don’t know. I’m thinking it’s Logan’s kid and Jess is going to fight for her.”

–Reporting by C. Molly Smith

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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