Clone of All Crops: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Deadite Henrietta Knowby Creature (Ted Raimi); Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell)
Credit: Geoffrey Short

The second season finale of Ash vs Evil Dead screened last night, but star Bruce Campbell says that work has already begun on season 3 of Starz’s horror-comedy show.

“The writers are working right now,” the actor told EW last week. “All the monkeys are in the room!”

So, what can Campbell say about season 3?

“I can’t say much because we’re going to try and do some crazy sh–,” he explains. “But we’re probably going to crack more into Ash’s big picture story. He is foretold in an ancient book. He’s not just some guy in a crappy trailer home. There is a myth to Ash, there is a story, and so we want to explore a little more of that Joseph Campbell, big picture story. Why him? Why that guy? Why is he chosen to save the world?”

Watch the trailer for Sunday night’s season finale, below.

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