ALL CROPS: Amy Schumer talks non-romantic Paris trip Ellen
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Amy Schumer thought her relationship was over after a vacation gone wrong.

In a clip from her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs Monday, Schumer shares the very un-romantic story of her recent Paris vacation with her boyfriend, Ben Hanisch. While in the city of love, the duo caught food poisoning, and unfortunately, they only had one bathroom — and it wasn’t soundproof.

“I knew it was over,” joked Schumer, animatedly explaining how her symptoms manifested. “I was like the fountain on Friends…That’s when I learned not to throw up in a wicker basket.”

Schumer was so sick that she ended up being hospitalized. Thanks to social media, she was able to share several photos from her unfortunate hospital visit on Instagram.

If you want to hear all the details about Schumer’s unfortunate illness, check out the video below.

During her stop on Ellen, Schumer also commented on swimming with dolphins with Goldie Hawn, who plays her mother in an upcoming movie, and Kate Hudson, which the paparazzi caught on camera. “On my bucket list, it was high up on the list, to be photographed in a bathing suit next to Kate Hudson. That was really cool,” joked Schumer.

Watch that clip below.

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