And the mash-up was long overdue
ALL CROPS: JAMIE DORNAN stars as billionaire entrepreneur Christian Grey in the phenomenon ?Fifty Shades of Grey?. Photo Credit: Chuck Zlotnick; GREY'S ANATOMY - "The Great Pretender" (ABC/Richard Cartwright) ELLEN POMPEO
Credit: Chuck Zlotnick; ABC/Richard Cartwright

It literally happens all the time: movies are adapted into television series, and vice versa.

The mash-up #MakeFilmsIntoTVShows is a rarer combination and the focus of the new hashtag, where social media users combined titles of similar sounding projects. Some made perfect sense, like Dirty Dancing With The Stars. Or Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy.

Others… well, they’re questionable. Clockwork Orange Is the New Black sounds like a horrifying experience that not even camaraderie in prison or a rehabilitation theater could fix. Two and a Half X-Men: Apocalypse is not a strong enough team to take down the Oscar Isaac villain.

Here’s a sampling of the best ones.