And there's frolicking puppies too!

By Ruth Kinane
December 09, 2016 at 06:39 PM EST

Nothing says “let’s get in the festive spirit” like the crackling of logs on the fire, accompanied by festive music — of course. Luckily, the traditional Yule Log is now back on Video on Demand to heat up that holiday spirit.

The televised virtual fireplace — which aired for the first time back in 1966 — is available to watch (read: gaze upon until your heart’s content) now on Video on Demand (VOD) on digital cable and online. And that’s not all. 

There’s even more yuletide offerings! Don’t miss 13 new and cheerful holidays videos including staples like a welcoming front door wreath, a glittering Christmas tree, kaleidoscopic snowflakes, a Hanukkah Menorah and — wait for it — puppies. Yes, there’s a one-hour video accompanied by holiday music showcasing puppies wearing Santa hats nuzzling their way into wrapped gifts and taking naps. We challenge you to look away.

You thought it couldn’t get any better, right? Wrong. New this year, favorites from the animated flick The Secret Life of Pets are also here to festively frolic in their own video The Secret Life of Pets Yule Log.  

It’s programming guaranteed to warm your heart, if not your feet — you’ll need a real fire for that. 

Here’s a full list of all of this year’s Happy Holiday Videos available on cable so you can maximize the Christmas cheer: 

Yule Log

Awesome Ornaments

Broman the Snowman

Classic Snowman

Funky Christmas Tree

Holiday Boxes

Holiday Wreath

Psychedelic Snowflakes

Purrfect Presents

The Nutcracker Sweet

The Secret Life of Pets Yule Log

Traditional Christmas Tree

Yule Dogs

Flickering Menorah (Select systems only, runs from Dec. 24 until Jan. 1)

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