TJ Miller on Conan
Credit: TBS

Office Christmas Party depicts an all-out holiday bacchanal, as the members of a corporate Chicago branch party hard ahead of proposed end-of-year layoffs. The extras on the film really went for it, but unfortunately filming a movie is a lot more repetitive than an actual party. This led to some awkward situations, as star T.J. Miller told Conan O’Brien on Thursday night.

“Olivia Munn and I looked over, and there’s this girl sitting on a filing cabinet, and this guy had his head in between her legs,” said Miller. “Imagine that awkward conversation, where he’s like, ‘No trust me, we’ll get on camera more,’ and she’s like, ‘Oh, okay, I guess, yeah sure.’ But what they didn’t realize is that you have to do the same thing in a movie for 10 hours, 12 hours on end. So I think by hour six both of them very much regretted that decision.”

To fully express the sensation of extras partying silently behind you while trying to say your lines, Miller actually brought up a few random people from the audience to dance during the interview.

“This gentleman over here is doing so little, but at the same time, so much,” O’Brien said at one point, while Miller pretended to discuss serious topics like “how often times we need a common enemy to affect social change” and the extras kept dancing.

Watch the clip below.

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