By Derek Lawrence
Updated December 09, 2016 at 09:43 PM EST
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Playing June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, Reese Witherspoon has already showcased her singing talents. But now the actress is shaking things up.

In the upcoming animated film Sing, the Academy Award-winner voices Rosita, a stay-at-home pig, who gave up her dreams to raise her 25 piglets. She gets another shot at fulfilling her ambitions when she joins a local singing competition, where among the tracks she performs is Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

The EDM-remixed cover of the hit song features Witherspoon partnering up with Nick Kroll, the voice behind Gunter, another talented pig.

Witherspoon’s rendition of Swift’s No. 1 hit highlights the Sing soundtrack, which is now available in-store and online. Witherspoon is joined by many of her costars on the album, including Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Hudson, and Seth MacFarlane.

Talking to EW earlier this year, Sing director Garth Jennings discussed the experience of recording chart-topping songs with a group of A-list actors.

“They all had to have the ability to sing. We knew Reese could sing, we’ve all seen Walk the Line, and we all knew Scarlett could sing beautifully and Taron Egerton,” he shared. “It was so nice to know that the voice cast wasn’t going to step aside and have someone else come in and sing the songs for them, that they would be invested with a character all the way through. And although that was a challenge, it was exactly the right challenge to have for everyone, and they were all marvelous. Recording pop songs with people like Scarlett and Reese is about as good as it gets.”

Listen to some more Sing tracks below.


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