By Nick Romano
Updated December 09, 2016 at 10:01 PM EST

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle apologized on air Friday for reporting that Fox News held a holiday party at Donald Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel.

“This is some serious business that I need to share. I need to apologize to the audience,” she began. “Earlier today in a segment, I stated that the Fox network held their holiday party at Trump’s D.C. hotel. I was wrong. We’ve since learned that neither Fox network nor an affiliate held any party at Trump’s Washington hotel.”

She continued: “I stand corrected. I apologize for the error. I am truly, truly sorry. The mistake is entirely my fault. And, of course, I wish all my friends over at Fox a very happy holiday no matter where you have your party.”

Ruhle made the comment during a segment discussing potential conflicts of interest for President-elect Trump, who will remain an executive producer of NBC’s The Apprentice during his presidency. “Think about the hotel in Washington now,” she said. “The RNC is having their Christmas party there. Fox News had their Christmas party there.”

Watch the segment in question below.

Ruhle apologized a couple hours later. Watch the segment below.