ALL CROPS: Andrew Lincoln on Walking Dead bloody
Credit: Gene Page/AMC

What better way to translate the harrowing year of 2016 than through pop culture memes?

The “then and now” series of posts on Twitter have created a cathartic space for users trudging through their feelings on the past year. Using two images, the left reflects the person at the beginning of the year, while the right side reveals the damage that’s been done, all in a hilarious package.

Only 2016 could turn an adorable Cabbage Patch doll into Voldemort, or sweet and angelic Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer into the walking chaos and revenge-driven Evil Willow (both played by Alyson Hannigan). Of course, not all are bad, especially Kate McKinnon from Office Christmas Party becoming a badass ghostbusting hero by the end of the year.

Here is a list of the best comparisons for the 2016 weary to enjoy.