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Devil's Bargain

When Supernatural first introduced Lucifer, he had his eyes set on one vessel: Sam Winchester, otherwise known as the only person strong enough to hold him. But that was many years ago, and at this point, Lucifer’s less concerned about finding the perfect vessel to fight his brother and more concerned with causing havoc. And with that in mind, he’s making a big move in the season 12 mid-season finale. Correction: He’s making the biggest move. Lucifer is going to become president.

“He wants adulation. He wants to be loved,” showrunner Robert Singer tells EW. “That was escalating, and we figured the biggest thing was to do the president.” However, Lucifer doesn’t make the jump straight from rock star to POTUS. In between, we’ll see him inhabit both a captain of industry and an archbishop as he makes his way up the food chain.

As showrunner Andrew Dabb puts it: “We’ve always really focused on humanizing Lucifer as a character, and really explaining where he’s coming from and how he has a point of view that is not 100 percent wrong. It’s not that he’s a good guy necessarily, but I think he’s a very understandable character. There’s part of Lucifer that is extremely prideful — that’s the classic Biblical ‘pride of the devil’ thing — but there’s also a part of him that’s incredibly insecure because here’s this guy that was rejected by his father. Going into the president is a way for him to have power, create destruction, but also get away from being himself.”

It’s an idea that wasn’t an immediate hit in the writers’ room but one that Singer says he and Dabb were convinced they could make work in an episode that he thinks turned out to be “really cool.” But all of this isn’t to say that Sam and Dean are heading to Washington, D.C. As much as Dabb and Singer loved the POTUS idea, they drew the line at breaking into the White House. “When Sam and Dean encounter the president, he’s in Indianapolis, he’s in the middle of a fundraising swing,” Dabb says. “It still allows us to explore the president, his aides, his security detail — all that acts as nice things for Lucifer to play off of and really strong obstacles for Sam and Dean.”

Those obstacles will be faced by the Winchesters, along with Castiel, Crowley, and even Rowena as the episode puts everyone on the same team to try to take down Lucifer. “It’s the big showdown with Lucifer, part 1,” Singer says, noting that the archangel will return later in the season. Dabb adds, “There’s a new chapter being opened in the Lucifer story line.” And part of that has to do with the return of the British Men of Letters.

Starting in the mid-season finale, Dabb says, “The British Men of Letters are going to come back a lot stronger, and then we’ll bring them more to the foreground as the season goes on. But it starts in this episode when we introduce a character — we’ve heard his name a few times and we’ve seen him a little bit but we get our first big introduction to him in episode 8 and use this as a launch pad into the next two-thirds of our season.” (Perhaps we’re talking about Mr. Ketch?)

And of course, as with any mid-season finale, there’s a cliffhanger that will carry fans into 2017 and specifically into episode 250 (the first episode back in the new year). “[Episode] 250 is a continuation of a two-parter so we’re completing that arc with the mid-season cliffhanger and then figuring it out,” Singer says.

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