ALL CROPS: Robyn Aywhere Everywhere - Tree Butes

The voice stars of Nickelodeon’s upcoming animated feature Albert are lending their support to an understated star of many films: the tree.

Albert, which chronicles the life of a tiny Douglas fir tree, illuminates the dreams of the most unlikely heroes. On the latest episode of Entertainment Weekly: The Show, Bobby Moynihan, Judah Friedlander, and Sasheer Zamata volunteered as tree-bute to honor the trees overlooked in cinema, from CGI-fests to hard-hitting dramas.

Starting off strong, the Oscar-winner for Best Picture in 1973, The Godfather, was chock full of stellar performances, but there was one that went unnoticed. “A lot of people think it’s Brando or Pacino, but I think it’s the big tree behind Brando in that garden scene,” said Friedlander. Walking into the forests of 2016, Zamata points out the tree work in Manchester by the Sea, which she believes should have been called “Manchester by the Tree.”

The comedians get even more creative with later picks, including 1999’s Snow Falling on Cedars because “it made a lot of money, which is made from trees,” said Moynihan. The door Kate Winslet floats on at the end of Titanic may no longer be a standing tree, but we all know where it came from.

Even the CGI-fare of Guardians of the Galaxy and everyone’s favorite talking tree, Groot, got a nod, or was it really a tree? “That wasn’t a tree! That was Vin Diesel,” said Zamata. “Do you know how many real-life tree actors would’ve killed for that part?”

Albert airs on Nickelodeon Friday, Dec. 9.

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