By Nivea Serrao
December 07, 2016 at 07:46 PM EST

Being a captain isn’t easy — especially when you don’t even have the title yet.

But that’s just the least of Diandra “Dee” Diesel’s problems.

The soon-to-be-18-year-old hero of Tyson Hesse’s Diesel: Ignition is faced with her biggest challenge yet when the airship colony she’s about to captain gets caught in the middle of a looming war between a long lost army and the neighboring kingdom. And if things couldn’t get any dicier, she catches a glimpse of her missing father onboard the army’s ships.

Lucky for Dee, she has a few things going for her. Not only does she have the support (and aid) of Rickets, the rusty robot her father left her, but she also has possession of a mysterious flying engine that only she can seem to activate.

Diesel: Ignition is the latest graphic novel from the BOOM! Box line-up and collects the first four issues of Hesse’s webcomic-turned-comic-book-series Diesel. It also adds four new chapters of material to Dee’s coming-of-age story — including a brand new prologue, which you can read, exclusively on EW below, followed by the next few pages.

Hesse (Adventures of Gumball) serves as both writer and artist on the series. 

Tyson Hesse’s Diesel: Ignition is currently available for purchase in comic book stores and for preorder online.