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December 07, 2016 at 07:42 PM EST

Tomi Lahren is firing back again, this time over comments criticizing what she describes as “friendship” with Trevor Noah and Charlamagne Tha God.

A segment that appeared on TMZ last week includes footage of Lahren in New York City with both Noah and Charlamagne, and questions whether or not the meeting with Noah was a date. The TMZ commentators seem surprised to see her out with Noah, saying “she looks like a regular person… not a flame-throwing demon.”

“Yeah, imagine that — we had fundamental but civil disagreements, and we can still be friends,” Lahren says in her fiery reaction segment, which she shared on social media Wednesday. “I can talk to anyone, I can relate to anyone, I can even hang out with people that call me ‘donkey of the day.'”

The TMZ piece also shows her roaming the city with radio host Charlamagne, and aired footage of her telling the TMZ paparazzi, “See, I hang out with black people. I bet you’re surprised.”

Lahren also hit back against Hot 97 host Peter Rosenberg, who did not approve of Charlamagne spending time with Lahren. “Apparently someone died and made him king of racial friendship allocation,” she said of Rosenberg. “Not only did he call me the devil, he also went after Trevor Noah and Charlamagne for being near me. Hey, Peter, if anyone wanted or needed your approval, we’d ask for it, so slither back behind your microphone and come for someone else because I’m not the one. Boy, bye.”

For his part, Noah took the criticism in stride and responded to the backlash to Lahren’s appearance on The Daily Show when he stopped by Charlamagne’s morning radio talk show The Breakfast Club.

“People go, ‘You wouldn’t talk to this person if she wasn’t a blonde, beautiful woman.’ And I go, ‘No, you didn’t notice when I spoke to an average-looking man,'” Noah said. “I do not believe that we are in a situation where we’re providing exposure for a person that has hundreds of millions of views on their videos. You’re not providing a platform for this person. What you’re doing is, you’re trying to get into their space and talk to them as a person, but more importantly, you’re trying to talk to people who would never hear you in the first place. Because when that person comes into your space, they’re now in a world…where they’re hearing an opposing view.”

Noah also cleared up the date rumors by explaining that the two went for drinks with both of their production crews in tow simply to exchange thank-yous, and nothing more, with Noah further clarifying that he does not have a crush on Lahren.

Watch both videos below.


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