Clone of All Crops: SUICIDE SQUAD Cast Shot

The swaggering, tough-talking antiheroes of Suicide Squad get a taste of their own medicine in a new Honest Trailer.

The latest installment of Screen Junkies’ delightfully nitpicky web series makes the case that the self-described “worst heroes ever” are actually … not very good heroes.

“They’re high on attitude but dangerously low on relevant skills,” the video says, including “a drunk guy with a boomerang” (Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang), “a 90-pound girl with a bat” (Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn), and “one chicken-chompin’ exposition machine” (Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag). Just how are they supposed to save the world again?

Granted, the film offers some strong performances — including Will Smith as Deadshot, “doing everything he can to save this movie” — but it also features “a hula-hooping witch” and “a manorexic juggalo.”

Watch the Suicide Squad video above, and find more Honest Trailers on PEN.

Suicide Squad
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  • 130 minutes