December 07, 2016 at 01:36 PM EST

Late Night With Seth Meyers

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At this point, Seth Meyers has gotten pretty good at recruiting writers Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel to help him with the Jokes Seth Can’t Tell segment. But as Meyers learned on Tuesday night’s edition, he still can’t get in on their high-fives. 

The high-five came after a joke about how “ebony lesbian” has become one of the most popular porn search terms for American women. “An ebony lesbian,” Hagel explained, “is like a regular lesbian, except she always comes late.”

After Ruffin protested she couldn’t tell that joke, Hagel responded, “How many ebony lesbians have you slept with?” The two of them high-fived, and excluded Meyers from it. 

Other topics included Mall of America’s first black Santa Claus (Ruffin: “The good kids get presents and the bad kids get a foot broke off in they ass”) and Supergirl‘s newly-out lesbian sister (Hagel: “Viewers became suspicious when she referred to a penis as Kryptonite”). 

As usual, Meyers got to tell one joke at the end (about how bisexuals make less money than gay and straight peers but “at least they have a lot of openings”) and subsequently got roasted by Ruffin and Hagel for it.

Watch the clip below.

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