'He Cannon't wear this f---ing thing again,' writes Cook

By Rachel DeSantis
Updated December 07, 2016 at 09:11 PM EST
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Dane Cook isn’t impressed with Nick Cannon’s look, and the actor is making his thoughts clear.

Cook took to Instagram on Tuesday to rip into Cannon’s penchant for turbans — which has even gotten its own Twitter account — and went on an expletive-filled rant in reference to a photo of Cannon wearing a pink turban during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“Last night Nick Cannon wore this s—. He put this on his head and he looked in a mirror and he walked away from the mirror without saying to himself, ‘Hey self, mayyybe I shouldn’t look like Zoltan and wear a f—ing pink turban with one of the infinity stones from Avengers on it,'” Cook captioned the photo. “He went outside and people didn’t stop him and say ‘Nick Cannon from America’s Best Talents Competition we love you so please remove that from your head please and thank you.'”

Cook went on to diss the matching pink tie and “bottom lip lipstick” Cannon also sported in the photo, and claimed that the look made him so frustrated he wanted to quit Instagram. “Don’t get me wrong Nick is a good guy and he and I go way back but I’m gonna have to call Nick out here and say he Cannon’t wear this f—ing thing again,” Cook wrote.

Despite the harsh words, Cannon stood his ground and fired back with an Instagram post of his own, featuring a collage of four black-and-white photos with Cannon wearing turbans. “Yo @DaneCook call me so I can explain this m—-f—– King Business to you!!” Cannon captioned the photo.

The caption might refer to what he told PEOPLE in November. “I wanna represent my inner king, and to do it in a fly way,” he told the magazine of what the turban represents. “It’s a great conversation piece but it also allows me to express that spiritual side…I have a good time with it, but it actually does mean a lot to me.”

Check out the Instagram posts below.