Credit: KJRH-TV

Anything can happen on live TV, especially when you get this news team talking about beavers.

In a news broadcast gone viral, anchors at the NBC affiliate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, completely lost their composure and cracked up over a discussion about the furry creatures. It all started innocently enough with a news story about a rescued beaver. Then newsman Daniel Winn dropped this gem: “Those little guys are cute and cuddly looking. The beavers I’ve seen are bigger, and yeah, they don’t look as friendly.”

Winn’s colleague Taniya Wright began laughing, but the real hysterics didn’t start until he added, “I don’t know, maybe I’ve seen my beavers in the wrong place.”

Wright leaned down, covering her face as the trio — including weatherman Jon Haverfield, who appeared to be flushed — broke out into a chorus of laughter. Wright’s giggles could be heard through the weather forecast. “I can’t see,” she said. “I’m crying.”

Sure enough, when the camera cut back to Wright, she had to wipe away tears while teasing the next segment about therapy dogs.

Watch the hilarity ensue in the video above.