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December 07, 2016 at 10:24 PM EST

Megyn Kelly has not been shy about her qualms with President-elect Donald Trump. The Fox News journalist publicly sparred with Trump throughout his campaign, but just several weeks shy of his inauguration, Kelly is singing a more optimistic tune.

“I have high hopes for him,” Kelly said Wednesday at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Women in Entertainment breakfast. “Despite the tweets, and all the rest of it, there’s so much to admire about Donald Trump.”

Kelly’s statement was met with boos from the crowd, eventually identified by Kelly as coming from comedian Kathy Griffin, who also made her feelings about Trump known with a prominent middle finger gesture.

“Stop that. There’s room for the loyal opposition in this country,” Kelly said, taking the heckling lightly, and even quipping to Griffin, “Omarosa’s gonna hurt you.”

Kelly continued with her praise of Trump, but pushed the idea that Americans, Trump supporters or not, needed to attempt to understand where he’s coming from in order to unite.

“There is so much to admire about him, and the more we understand why he won this election, the better off we’ll be as a country,” she said. “We should appeal to his best angels, and hold him to account when the little devils appear. When and if the dark forces rear their ugly heads, we must maintain our dignity as a people and as women.”

Kelly infamously clashed with Trump throughout the entire election cycle and chronicled their spars in her memoir, Settle for More, which was released last month. She wrote of threatening calls he made to her regarding segments on her show, The Kelly File; of harassment she received from Trump supporters; and of the businessman’s attempts to bribe her with gifts. Kelly also publicly clashed with Newt Gingrich when she refused to back down on grilling him about Trump’s sexual assault allegations during an interview in October.

.@MegynKelly addresses Donald Trump | #THRWomen

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) December 7, 2016

Right after @megynkelly gets booed by @kathygriffin, she continues saying what there is to admire about @realDonaldTrump #THRwomen

— Chris Gardner (@chrissgardner) December 7, 2016

Watch Kelly’s entire speech below.

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