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Chris Pratt is a big fan of karaoke — but the sport of singing champions hasn’t always been good to him.

As he explained to Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, Pratt and his family often do karaoke together. For awhile, the Passengers star even had a go-to karaoke jam he could reliably ace: Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” Unfortunately, Pratt had to retire the song from his arsenal after an embarrassing incident involving a woman named Marina.

“I was flirting with her, I had ‘Man in the Mirror’ in my pocket, knew I was gonna kill it,” Pratt said. “I said, ‘This song’s for Marina.’ I swear to God. And then the first note came out. I didn’t realize there’s different notes and different keys and stuff. So it wasn’t my key, wasn’t my night, and it came out like, ‘I’M GONNA MAKE A CHANGE — oof.’ They didn’t match, the sound didn’t line up. Some guy yelled, ‘You suck!’ I looked and he was standing next to Marina. And she left with the ‘you suck’ guy. I’ve never sung ‘Man in the Mirror’ since, man.”

Watch the clip below.

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