By Christian Holub
December 07, 2016 at 12:20 PM EST

While preparing for the latest edition of Mad Lib Theater on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, host Jimmy Fallon asked Chris Pratt to name a holiday. Pratt, understandably, went with “Christmas.” Little did he know that the entire Mad Lib Theater scene would be based around Christmas, with Pratt dressed as Santa and Fallon like one of his elf helpers.

The sketch finds Pratt’s Santa reprimanding Fallon’s elf for stealing a toy (a “doinker,” to be exact). Thanks to the eclectic nature of Pratt’s Mad Libs answers, Fallon’s alibi consisted of listening to “The Roots’ holiday album” and making “snow gerbils,” only to eventually reveal he had only stolen the toy to impress his pediatrician. Santa Pratt also had one particularly hilarious line thanks to the Mad Libs fill-ins.

“The reason I work so hard is because I get to spread joy to millions of people, and go sit by the fire shaking my nad,” Pratt said.

Longtime fans of Saturday Night Live will be pleased to know that Fallon still can’t make it through a sketch, any skit, without breaking into laughter.

Watch the clip below.

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