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Andy Cohen is no stranger to people thinking he’s high when hosting Watch What Happens Live.

However, as the Bravo host — and Real Housewives reunion moderator — revealed in an interview on the Allegedly podcast on Tuesday, he does not actually smoke marijuana before going on the air.

“I think I just have bloodshot eyes a lot,” Cohen says about why people seem to think he does. “I don’t think I would be a good host going on live. I do drink on my show, which is part of the show. Sometimes I’m fake drinking. I’ll have a drink, but I’m actually not drinking it.”

That’s not to say that Cohen hasn’t been high on television.

“There’s only been one time I’ve been on TV high,” Cohen tells hosts comedian Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss. “I was at a St. Louis Cardinals game recently and I threw out the first pitch. After I did so, I ate a pot lollipop and forgot they were going to be pulling me into the broadcast booth for an interview between the sixth and seventh inning.”

Cohen continues: “They came to get me and I was like, ‘Oh s–t.’ I was appropriately high at the time. It was all so weird and surreal.”

The Allegedly podcast features best friends Von, a comedian, and filmmaker/ journalist Weiss, as they compete to see which of them has funnier “alleged” tales of celebrities, and from their own lives, having lived in Hollywood for years.

Listen to the podcast for more on Cohen’s boyfriend, love for Madonna, and why he’d have a threesome with Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos.

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