Trevor Noah on Trump's tweeting
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"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere

It is now clear that President-elect Donald Trump, whose previous political career was mostly defined by his incessant tweeting, will continue to use Twitter in office. Over the weekend, Trump sent out dozens of tweets about everything from his controversial Taiwan call to the unlikely golf comeback of Tiger Woods. This makes the presidency somewhat more chaotic than it’s been in the past, subject to the whims of tweeting rather than the typical official communication processes. But as Trevor Noah pointed out on The Daily Show Monday, he’s not frightened of Trump so much as the people around him that enable his reckless tweeting.

“A drunk is a drunk. But the person who encourages him to drive, that’s an asshole,” Noah said. “Trump has a lot of assholes around him.”

Noah then unveiled the Daily Show‘s Crapcatcher Award, to be given to journalists who stand up to the people Noah calls “assholes” surrounding Trump. The inaugural recipients were George Stephanopoulos, for grilling Vice President-elect Mike Pence about Trump’s illegal voting claim, and Jake Tapper, for similarly pushing Trump’s top aide Kellyanne Conway.

“If ever there’s a time that journalists are gonna be tested in America, it’s during a Trump presidency,” Noah said. “I feel like we have to start handing out awards to journalists for calling out bulls–t.”

Watch the clip below.

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere
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