ALL CROPS: Tomi Lahren screen grab The Blaze

Unless you’ve managed to avoid the internet in the last week, you most likely saw Tomi Lahren’s appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. The Blaze’s young host, who has amassed a large social media following for her attacks on the left and people like Beyoncé and Colin Kaepernick, sat down with Noah last week, where the two engaged in a thoughtful and, at times, intense talk. Noah questioned several of her more controversial claims, including her tweet that “Black Lives Matter is the new KKK,” and though it was clear the two did not see eye-to-eye, both sides stood their ground, making for a truly compelling debate.

Now, Lahren is firing back with a new Final Thoughts with Tomi video, where she discusses her appearance on The Daily Show and labels herself Democrats’ “worst nightmare.”

“Now, The Daily Show wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced the hypocrisy of the left or the mainstream media,” she says. “I walked onto The Daily Show knowing there wouldn’t be a single conservative or supporter in the crowd, but I had the balls to walk into that situation and didn’t flinch.”

She goes on to accuse Noah of showing his bias, saying that while he is a “good guy,” he “likened me to a racist uncle before I stepped onto the stage. Thanks, bud. Neutral.”

Lahren continues to explain how she believes her appearance represented a double standard in the mainstream media’s representation of the conservative media.

“If Trevor Noah appeared in front of a conservative audience and was booed and jeered, what do you think the mainstream would label those folks? Racists? Bigots? Deplorables? Take your pick,” she says. “But The Daily Show crowd booed and heckled me for 20 minutes — once for citing a fact, by the way, and the mainstream not only agrees with it, they applaud it and label those folks social justice warriors. Amazing, really.”

Watch her entire video below.