ALL CROPS: Moving Pictures 2016 - Movie Trailers Mashup screengrab

Man, it sure feels like 2016 has been going on for at least several years now, doesn’t it?

The past 12 months have been full of milestones for the U.S. box office, but with awards season coming up, it’s easy to keep the big contenders fresh in your mind (looking at you, La La Land and Moonlight) and forget about some of the hundreds of other movies that were released this year.

Like, remember that time in July Anna Kendrick played a character who took ecstasy and destroyed a wedding (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates)? Or how about that movie Michael Shannon fell asleep watching back in March (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)?

Lucky for all the movie buffs out there, Clark Zhu has put together an epic mash-up featuring hundreds of different trailers for films released this year, so you can revisit all of those flicks you completely forgot came out.

Watch the video below, and head here for a breakdown of all the movies used.