The 'Secret Life of Pets' star gets a lesson in animal handling.

MOVIES: Screengrab - Secret Life of Pets extra

As the stars of this summer’s animated blockbuster The Secret Life of Pets, Kevin Hart and Eric Stonestreet should be animal experts by now. But that’s not the case, which is why the voiceover duo received a lesson in mammalian love.

Hart, who plays manic rabbit Snowball, and Stonestreet, who voices troublemaking mutt Duke, met with an animal trainer to get firsthand experience working with pets. The result is this clip, one of several bonus extras on the new DVD release of the Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures film. (Not pictured here: Hart and Stonestreet’s lessons in grooming.)

Watch the extra above if only to feel, for one fleeting moment, exactly the same thing that Kevin Hart feels about hairless cats.

The Secret Life of Pets (which alos stars Louis C.K., Lake Bell, Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper, Dana Carvey, and Hannibal Buress) hits Blu-Ray and DVD on Dec. 6.

The Secret Life of Pets

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