ALL CROPS: Harry Styles (500246082), Hillary Clinton (615697474), and J.K. Rowling (623412776) split
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Harry Styles may have been feeling 22, but he was also feeling over 700,000 retweets.

Twitter has seen a lot of crazy moments in 2016, from Donald Trump criticizing Hamilton to Donald Trump criticizing Saturday Night Live. Yet, the most popular celebrity tweet came from the One Direction standout, who on his 22nd birthday decided to quote his famous ex.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22,” the singer tweeted on Feb. 1, borrowing the lyric from Taylor Swift’s “22.”

Among the other most popular tweets from celebrities in 2016 are Styles’ former bandmate Louis Tomlinson’s first pic of his newborn son, a line from Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, J.K. Rowling’s tribute to the late Alan Rickman, and another Swift reference, this time courtesy Kim Kardashian West after she posted a snapchat of her husband talking to the singer about his controversial lyric in “Famous.”

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