By Christopher Rosen
Updated December 06, 2016 at 02:03 PM EST

Samantha Bee opened this week’s episode of Full Frontal by taking a look back at the first month of Donald Trump’s presidential transition.

“In the past three weeks, PEOTUS has made America great again by skipping security briefings, imperiling U.S. relations with China and India, threatening a private manufacturer, draining the swamp directly into his cabinet, declaring open war on the press, and celebrating Take Your Daughter to Work Day with foreign leaders,” Bee said, highlighting many of Trump’s controversies since winning the election on Nov. 8.

After showing a photo of Trump’s daughter Ivanka meeting with the Japanese prime minister, Bee added, “Oh, hey, that’s the daughter who runs Trump’s business empire. You thought there were rules? Psych! There’s also never been a rule that the president can’t take a sh– in the reflecting pool. Because we never thought we needed one. Now? Who knows!”

Bee noted that “our institutions are only as strong as the unspoken norms we all agree to live by — norms that suddenly seem as flimsy as Scotch tape holding Trump’s tie together.” (Trump was photographed with what seemed like tape keeping his tie held in place, a photo of which Bee showed on Monday night.)

“Since we’re in for four years of gaslighting, you might want to Memento all the civil norms we now take for granted and cherish them,” Bee added.