ALL CROPS: Chris Pratt's epic card trick fail - The Graham Norton Show 2016 | Extra - BBC One

Chris Pratt isn’t that great of a magician, but he’s one helluva showman. While appearing on The Graham Norton Show, he attempted to dazzle his Passengers costar Jennifer Lawrence and musician with a card trick that went utterly wrong. At least, that’s what he wanted us to believe.

He calls the trick “Two 4s,” and it consists of dividing a deck of cards into three piles, then taking the top two cards from the center pile and placing one of each face up on the others. The subject of the magic trick looks at the next face-down card in the center pile and shuffles it in without the magician seeing.

It’s complicated and involves some magic pizzazz, more shuffling, and a solid poker face. If all went according to plan, Pratt would’ve been able to guess’s card. That didn’t happen…or did it?

Watch the entire trick in the video above.

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