Hint: They're not super-fans
Credit: Netflix

It’s safe to say that Bingeworthy hosts Touré and Jessica Shaw are not fans of Fuller House.

On this week’s episode, the pair of TV bingers are pretty unanimous in their dislike of the Netflix sitcom sequel, and nobody escapes their wrath.

“All of these characters drive me crazy,” begins Shaw. “Kimmy Gibbler is the one woman death of comedy.” Shaw would rather see an investigation into John Stamos and why he doesn’t age than sit through the sitcom.

Touré agrees that the mystery of Stamos’ perpetual youth would make for better viewing, but overall he’s still disturbed by the actor’s “preening, feminized, pretty boy thing,” adding, “He’s so gross!”

Stamos doesn’t get off that easily, as Shaw goes on to call him out for making a plea (on the show) for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to appear in an episode. “Do you know who is never going on that show?” she asks rhetorically. “Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.”

Still, Touré is a fan of the meta moment itself, but points out that that moment in television actually exposes “the pathetic-ness of the whole exercise; that the babies got rich and now this is beneath them.”

Yikes. At least they’re fans of Bob Saget… kind of. “He was delightfully corny in the original one,” admits Touré who prefers the darker Saget of shows such as Entourage, but feels that in Fuller House he’s more of a “weirdo and offensive” who’s “acting this bizarre super cool dad.”

Condemns Shaw, “This is cash-the-check Saget.”

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