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The Westworld finale promised answers — and provided a ton. Questions like “Who’s the Man in Black? Who’s Wyatt? What’s Dr. Ford’s new narrative? What’s the maze?” were all explained in detail during Sunday’s “The Bicameral Mind.” But there are still some lingering questions from past episodes left behind — and some intriguing new queries posed by the 90-minute closer. Here’s what will keep us guessing until season 2:

1. What happened to Elsie and Stubbs? This was probably the biggest omission. Two key characters vanished without a trace before the finale. The last time we saw witty tech programming Elsie she was being kidnapped by Bernard several episodes back, while the steely security chief Stubbs was ambushed by Ghost Nation natives in the penultimate episode.

2. Where is the park located? We expected to get a revelation in the finale. Maeve seemed on the verge of finding out when she got on that last train to escape the park before all hell broke loose. But she abandoned her exit strategy to search for her daughter, putting a key mystery on hold until the show returns in 2018. There was at least one big clue, however. Bernard said Maeve’s was going to escape to the “mainland” — is the park on an island?

3. What happened to Logan? We last saw the callous park guest tied naked to a horse being trotted off into the distance (in what we realized was a flashback to decades earlier). We can assume William out-maneuvered his Delos rival when they got back to the real world. But will we ever see him again?

4. How many robot worlds are there? The tantalizing backstage glimpse of Samurai World, and Maeve’s note about her daughter being located in “Park 1” strongly suggests there are multiple Delos parks. But how many, exactly?

5. Did Lee Sizemore, Charlotte Hale and the Man in Black survive the initial slaughter? The Man in Black is definitely returning for season 2, and we just assume the TV death rule here on the others — if you don’t see ’em die, they’re still around.

6. How much of Ford’s new narrative was seen by the VIP crowd? We know the black-tie crowd saw the end of Dolores and Teddy’s tale play out on the beach. But were they also aware of the previous scenes with the Man in Black? What about some of the initial scenes of Maeve’s scripted rebellion backstage? How meta was this story, exactly?

7. Was Ford really human? And now, is he really dead? Ford’s ending has the feeling of actual finality to it. But with Westworld, you can never be too sure. Bonus: Did he pass on his control of the hosts to Bernard with that handshake?

8. Is Maeve still on her script? It seems not. Bernard said that Maeve’s movements were being scripted, including (during a bit of foreshadowing) getting on the train to escape the park and then arriving at the “mainland.” So is her decision to get off the train and search for her daughter seems to be a break.

9. Did Abernathy smuggle the parks’ secrets out? Hale had a plan to get the park’s intellectual property out of the park via Dolores’ Shakephere-quoting dad-host, and she seemed awfully confident about it. But when Sizemore arrived in cold storage, all the hosts were gone. One of my five wishes for the finale before it aired — and I still hope it comes true for next season — was that the host printers are destroyed, so hosts can no longer resurrect themselves (making it so everybody is playing for real stakes all the time). If Abernathy has a copy of the park’s secrets, that could be a way of then re-introducing the technology at a later date.

10. What was Delos’ top secret project? That the corporation has a super-secret project using Ford’s technology beyond a mere theme park has been teased from the very first episode. I’ve been assuming — and continue to assume — it’s a way for humans to upload their consciousnesses into host bodies. There was another reference to the project in the finale between Hale and Ford, but it’s exact nature remains a mystery … for now.

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