'We often think of you and are reminded of you daily with many memories,' the band wrote on their website
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Stone Temple Pilots posted a tender tribute to their former lead singer Scott Weiland on Saturday, marking the one-year anniversary of the frontman’s death.

“Here we are. A year has passed since you’ve been gone. We often think of you and are reminded of you daily with many memories,” the band wrote on their website. “Then there is the music the four of us carved out allowing us to listen and feel how brilliant you are. There was a time when we looked up to one another. Each of us wanting one another’s approval. The songs we wrote had to have complete impact on us in order for them to shine. When it did… it was unearthly. Perhaps you are in a place now to better describe it. We miss you Scott.”

Weiland died on Dec. 3, 2015, at age 48 of an accidental drug overdose. He had parted ways with STP in 2013 and had spent the next two years working on solo music and his group The Wildabouts, but is best remembered for his vocals, which became a signature sound of ’90s rock radio.

When his death was first announced last year, STP made a statement and said: “Let us start by saying thank you for sharing your life with us. Together we crafted a legacy of music that has given so many people happiness and great memories. The memories are many, and they run deep for us. We know amidst the good and the bad you struggled, time and time again. It’s what made you who you were. You were gifted beyond words, Scott. Part of that gift was part of your curse. With deep sorrow for you and your family, we are saddened to see you go. All of our love and respect. We will miss you brother.”

STP is currently rehearsing new singers, and have been searching for a new frontman to replace Chester Bennington since February. Bennington, best known for his work in Linkin Park, came aboard after Weiland departed the group in 2013.

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