And Oriental DreamWorks' 'Everest' gets a release date

By Oliver Gettell
December 05, 2016 at 11:07 PM EST
Dream Works Animation LLC

How to Train Your Dragon 3 has been grounded for another 10 months or so. DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures announced Monday that the sequel’s release date has been pushed back to March 1, 2019, from May 18, 2018.

The follow-up to 2014’s How to Train Your Dragon 2 has been delayed several times since it was initially slated for a 2016 bow.

Dean DeBlois, who directed the first two films, will be reprising his duties on HTTYD3. The story finds the young Viking chieftain Hiccup facing a test of leadership at the same time his trusty dragon steed, Toothless, discovers an untamed and elusive mate.

Universal and Oriental DreamWorks also announced that the animated adventure-comedy Everest will hit theaters Sept. 27, 2019. Directed by Tim Johnson (Antz, Home) and co-directed by Todd Wilderman (Open Season 2), the film will follow a group of misfits who encounter a young yeti and embark on a 3,000-mile journey to reunite the magical creature with his family.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 currently has its release date to itself, while Everest is scheduled to open opposite an untitled Warner Bros. event film.

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