In the upcoming Fast 8, Helen Mirren is set to cross paths with Dominic Toretto and company, but during a recent interview, the Oscar winner faced off with a much cuter crew. (Sorry, Tyrese.)

Five hours into a shoot for the cover of the December/January issue of AARP The Magazine, Mirren got an adorable surprise. While the actress might have been experiencing a ruff day, a group of cuddly puppies was soon unleashed on her, instantly lighting her up. “Look at my little doggies,” she excitingly responded.

The Queen actress brightened up as she played with the puppies and shared some of her philosophies on dogs, including their spirituality, the usefulness of a good bark, and size not mattering.

There were many loveable hounds to choose from, but Mirren soon picked a favorite named Tony. “I’ve got a Tony,” she joked, referencing her 2015 Tony Award win for Best Actress in a Play in The Audience. “You could be my second Tony. I wonder if we have an Emmy.”

Fetch a look at the video above.