All Crops: Wheeler - Official Trailer Screengrab

In the first trailer for the Nashville-set Wheeler, Stephen Dorff stars as a country singer with a twist.

Dorff plays the titular Wheeler, a Texan guitarist and singer who sets out for Nashville to pursue his love of music. But what seems like a straightforward tale actually has a surprise: To play Wheeler, Dorff donned prosthetics and makeup to avoid being recognized — so he could perform live, in character, in some of Nashville’s most iconic venues. As Wheeler, Dorff not only comes face-to-face with artists like Kris Kristofferson, but he also performs his own original music in front of unknowing audiences.

Ryan Ross directed and co-wrote the film with Dorff.

Wheeler will be released in theaters and on demand on Feb. 3, the same day as the film’s soundtrack. The single “Pour Me Out of This Town,” which Dorff co-wrote and performed in character, is out now.

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