By Anthony Breznican
December 02, 2016 at 10:32 PM EST

Almost there…

With Rogue One hitting theaters in just two weeks, the cast of the new Star Wars film gathered Friday at Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco for a live interview about how Lucasfilm’s first stand-alone feature came together.

Below, highlights from the Twitter live-stream, hosted by editor J.D. Heyman from EW’s sister publication People magazine.

• Alan Tudyk had harsh words for Jar Jar Binks, the CG alien from the Star Wars prequels. He said his performance-capture work as the droid K-2SO benefited from him being present on set with the actors, then incorrectly said that didn’t happen with Jar Jar. (In truth, actor Ahmed Best wore a fake Jar Jar head and performed in every scene with his live-action counterparts.)

• Tudyk on the bluntness of the reprogrammed Imperial droid K-2SO: “Like a child he can be a smart-ass sometimes. That’s my experience with children. He can be passive aggressive sometimes.”

• Felicty Jones has amassed a large collection of Jyn Erso action figures and said her nephew likes to pull the arms off them. “He’s 35,” Tudyk interjects. But Jones explains, no, he’s only 1-and-a-half.

• Would K-2SO and C-3PO get along? “I don’t think they would,” Tudyk says. “Kaytoo is unflappable, and C-3PO was just flapping all over the place.” He does think the droid would get along with R2-D2, whose beeps and whirs the actor described as “cussing.”

• Director Gareth Edwards said Star Wars movies provide “life lessons for kids.” One message from the original 1977 movie, he said, was turn off your computer and trust yourself. “When we made this film it was like turn off the Internet, trust your gut and make the movie you’re going to love,” he said.

• Diego Luna, who plays Rebel spy Cassian Andor says there is a contemporary significance to the story of Rogue One. “It sends a clear message of people very different from each other that apparently have nothing in common… Their differences are on the side and they work together and achieve great things,” he said. “It’s a great message for the world we’re living in. Let’s celebrate our differences and recognize that makes us richer and stronger.”

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