ALL CROPS: Good Girls Revolt Season 1, Episode 6 Streaming Date: 10/28/16 L-R: TK and Grace Gummer
Credit: Colleen Hayes/Amazon Studios

Good Girls Revolt

After a bright first season, Good Girls Revolt has unfortunately gone the way of most revolutions.

The series, which followed the based-on-a-true-story adventures of young women trying to make their careers in the sexist publishing world of the ’60s, has been canceled at Amazon. Series creator Dana Calvo confirmed the news on Twitter, and made a connection to Hillary Clinton’s recent loss in the U.S. presidential election.

“So grateful we got to tell the story,” Calvo wrote. “We won the popular vote. Thank you.”

Cast member Genevieve Angelson also discussed the cancellation on Twitter with an election reference. “Your roars of support elevated me from the darkest election in history & I’ll never stop fighting back for us,” she wrote to fans.

The series also starred Erin Darke, Grace Gummer, Hunter Parrish, Joy Bryant, and Pitch Perfect‘s Anna Camp.

All is not necessarily lost, however. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Television is currently working on reacquiring the rights to Good Girls Revolt from Amazon, after which they can look for other takers on the period drama.

Good Girls Revolt
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